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Eric Palmer is a veteran who started a pressure washing business in Connecticut several years ago.  He ventured into commercial kitchen hood cleaning and found he liked the results better.  So, Eric expanded his business, Patriot Pressure Washing, to include hood cleaning and changed the name of his company to Patriot Pressure Washing and Hood Cleaning.

Eric has built a reputation in Connecticut as a professional thorough company that commercial kitchens can rely on to do their hood cleaning.  His team will remove grease and grime that could otherwise be a fire hazard.

Eric follows the National Fire Protection Agency Code 96.  This code specifically addresses kitchens that are both commercial and private that are used for commercial use.  While some commercial kitchens try to do their own hood cleaning, it is recommended they use a professional who understands where all of the grease and grime can collect.

Using environmentally safe chemicals, Patriot Hood Cleaning will ensure that the hood cleaning is done to the National Fire Protection Agency guidelines.  He will then work with the owner or manager to set up a schedule for hood cleaning on a regular basis.

The scheduling of hood cleaning in commercial kitchens varies on the type and frequency of cooking done in the kitchen.  If you have a kitchen system cooking with solid fuel it is recommended the hood cleaning be done on a monthly basis.  Most kitchens can have hood cleaning done on a quarterly basis.  This includes kitchens that serve high-volume cooking, this includes twenty-four-hour operations.

If you have a commercial kitchen that does low-volume cooking, you should schedule to have the hood cleaning done semiannually.  Annually would apply to commercial kitchens like seasonal businesses, day camps, or churches.

Eric’s team will come out and inspect your commercial kitchen hoods to see how much build-up has occurred to give you the closest estimate possible for cleaning.  They will inspect the hoods inside the building and outside the building.  Often the hoods are placed on the rooftop and, if not inspected regularly, accumulate grease.  Not only can this cause extreme fire danger, but it can also cause damage to the roof structure.

Accumulating grease on the roof of any building can also cause an environmental nightmare for any commercial kitchen.  When it rains, the grease will run down the side of the building and flow into the gutters.  Since it was your responsibility to contain it, you could be subject to environmental fines.  You may also have to respond to pay for the clean-up.

Gone are the days of throwing your commercial kitchen grease in the dumpster.  Commercial kitchens are required to have their grease flow into a trap for safe disposal.  Eric can give you advice on how to contain the grease and safely dispose of it.

Eric’s teams are certified, licensed, trained, and bonded to do your hood cleaning.  They will provide you with before and after pictures that you can show your insurance company.  If you request, they will give you a certificate you can display in the kitchen to show you are doing your due diligence to keep your kitchen clean and safe for not only your employees but your clients.

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