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Why Do You Need a Rock Solid Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service?

Grease fires are blamed on about one out of three commercial kitchens.  If a commercial kitchen does not have hood cleaning done to remove the grease and grime that accumulates, that creates a fire hazard that could cause major damage not only to the building but the employees and clients as well.

If a fire flares up from a stove, it could ignite the filters above the stove.  The fan will draw the air up the hood and duct pulling the flames up.  The grease that has built up reacts like an accelerant and spreads the fire up the duct.  This fire could flare all the way up to the roof.

Grease and grime have a funny way of accumulating in hard to reach places.  As mentioned before, it can cause a fire hazard.  It can also cause a contamination hazard as the grease and grime attract rodents and insects.  The grease and grime can build up mold and mildew which the rodents and insects can carry on to working surfaces where the food is prepared.

Hood Cleaning Done Right

At Patriot Hood Cleaning, we begin the job by locking down your hood and turning off the power.  We then cover the cooking equipment with heat boards then add plastic sheeting for extra protection using industrial magnets to prevent scratching.  The grease filters are removed as well as trays and cups.

Hood cleaning may need to be done in a two-step process if there is a substantial build-up of grease and grime.  Scrapping will first take place to remove the majority of the grease and grime.  Once done, watertight plastic film will be used to guide the wastewater in a containment system.

The fan housing on the roof will be disassembled and all wiring will be covered to prevent damage.  We then apply an environmentally safe chemical to the exhaust fan, duct, and hood.  The pressure washer will then start to de-grease the before mentioned areas.

Once done, the hood area will be dried and hand polished with stainless steel polish.  The filters will be replaced as well as the exhaust fan housing.  Then we clean any grease that may have come in contact with the equipment, floors, and counters.  Once done your duct system should look and perform like new.

Best Hood Cleaning Company in Connecticut

Our team of hood cleaning professionals are industry trained and are licensed and bonded.  They will give you a certificate that states who the service was completed by and the date.  This should be either kept in a binder in your office or displayed in the kitchen.  We recommend displaying it in the kitchen, so the employees know you are doing your best to keep them safe as well as your customers.

Upon request, we will provide you with before and after pictures for your records.  These can be handy when shopping for insurance as you can show not only the certificate but pictures to show you are doing your due diligence to keep your kitchen safe.  This also is handy when a health inspector makes an unexpected visit.

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